Bigger isn’t always better. Supporting independent businesses boosts YOUR local economy.

At Charnwood Entertainments, we are passionate about supporting other local and start-up businesses, which sadly often lose the limelight to large corporates due to being unable to fund multi-million pound advertising and marketing campaigns.

Time and time again across multiple industries, it is often the small independents that bring innovation and quirky ideas to the table, of which the mainstream brands cotton on and follow their lead – whilst taking all their credit along the way.

With COVID19 threatening our economy, let’s make sure that our local and independent businesses aren’t the ones who have to close down the shutters for good.

We therefore thought it was very important to not only support one or two local businesses, but hundreds instead throughout the year with the launch of our monthly #LoveLocal box.

Each month Charnwood Entertainments has chosen a fitting location around the UK which represents Britain at its best, with amazing heritage and even more amazing local businesses wanting to showcase their drinks, food and tourist attractions to a wider audience.

Where has #LoveLocal been so far?

June 2020 – Leicester

July 2020 – Yorkshire