HiP-Hop & Rap

Krystatic, a UK songwriter, performer and recording artist began rapping in 2002, releasing 3 well received projects entitled ‘Stepping Out the Box’, ‘No Rest Till Success’ and ‘Future Frenzy’. Most recently, Krystatic entered the European Tour music fest competition, where he got to the final in London and won Best Rap Act of 2019. He subsequently received a complimentary first class trip to Rome where he was asked to perform live in front of the Italian Government.


Pop & RnB

Loha Madison, is a Leicester based singer/songwriter that specialises in Pop, Tropic and RnB. Loha has supported various international acts with their UK/European shows, and went on to headline ‘The Dreamland Night Tour’ across the UK in 2017/18. With a universal sound, Loha brings love and energy into any atmosphere and is currently working on her debut album and second UK headline tour. Loha Madison and George Harriman originally teamed up back in 2015 at GH Events, subsequently joining Charnwood Entertainments in 2018 as our first official artist.